D-TEAM: The kidnapping of Professor Zig - Video game
Title : D-TEAM™
Platform : Wii, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android
Genre : Adventure
Rating : Pending
Target Audience : Kids and Family
Publisher : -TBA-
Released Date : May 2012
"D-TEAM: The kidnapping of Teacher Zig" was developed based on characters from children's animated series "TIC TAC TALES" distributed worldwide by PANINI Group.
In this interactive story we find several well-known characters from "TIC TAC TALES" universe, such as Jack, Bob, Suzy, Professor Zig, General Doom, the evil wizard Xarabin... and of course, the Billionaire Mr. D, the team leader.
In this adventure, the evil wizard Xarabin, knowing the most recent discovery of Professor Zig, ordered his arrest to develop a demonic weapon that allows him to dominate the world.
Ordered by the his master, General Doom advances with his army of Gargs, controlling land, air and sea.
To try to save the world, the billionaire Mr D., called his team of heroes (D-Team) to defeat Xarabin and rescue Professor Zig.
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