'D-TEAM' video game will be released this SUMMER.


"D-TEAM: The kidnapping of Professor Zig" videogame will be released this SUMMER for Nintendo Wii, Pc, iPhone, iPad and Android.


'PIKABOO' will be on TV in April 2012


The first season of PIKABOO TV animation series, will be available in April 2012.

'TIC TAC TALES' will be on TV in November 2010


The animation series 'TIC TAC TALES' will be on TV this Fall.
After the release of 'Pikaboo', 'Tic Tac Tales' will be the major release to BIGMOON ANIMATION STUDIOS for this year.

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TIC TAC TALES - the game  
D-TEAM: The kidnapping of Professor Zig (Nintendo Wii, Pc, iPhone, iPad, Android)
"D-TEAM: The kidnapping of Professor Zig" 
is interactive adventure based on characters from the TV animated series "TIC TAC TALES".
This game lets you to play with to 3 characters (Jack, Bob and Suzy). With them you must rescue Professor Zig, from the hands of Xarabin, the dark lord and his team (General Doom and his army of Gargs).
The game includes 30 levels in 7 different worlds.
PIKABOO and the time machine  
PIKABOO - TV Animation Series
In the world of 'PIKABOO', children have their friendships and conflicts as any curious child who seeks to discover the world around it. Regardless of their problems, day-to-day has held a lot of fun and joy.
But not everything is wonderful. In the world of PIKABOO there are who cannot understand it, and does everything to frighten the children’s.
In this world, on a abandoned castle in the middle of the forest, lives the 'Boogeyman' that at this time, has a plan to transform this world in total chaos...