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Lichdom Battlemage

Title : Lichdom: Battlemage
Platforms : PS4, Xbox One
Genre : Action / RPG / Spell-casting
Rating : M (Mature) / PEGI: +18
Publisher : Maximum Games / Xaviant
Released Date : May 2016


The first game of its kind to blend the intense action of a first-person shooter with the magical world of spellcasting, Lichdom: Battlemage fuses fantasy and FPS together to make one badass first-person spellcaster!
Lichdom: Battlemage is a game of unbridled power and magic. As a battlemage gifted with both, you will use your spellcrafting skills to take on evil forces in a fast-paced, explosive fight for justice. When the wicked overlord Shax takes away your loved one, you set out on a journey to hunt him down. Before you embark on your quest for vengeance, a wizard grants you unlimited magical powers and designates you “Dragon,” the single strongest battlemage on earth. Armed with great power and magical bracers, you can craft thousands of spells to use as you wish. Unfortunately, killing Shax turns out to be no easy feat. He has gathered armies of undead, convinced an evil cult to work for him, and has summoned demons from the abyss – all of which you must fight and destroy….
Using magic as your single form of weaponry, you play as a powerful, scorned "Dragon" mage out to seek revenge on Shax, the evil overlord who destroyed your family.
Armed with eight powerful sigils - from standbys like Fire and Ice, to the unknown Kinesis and Delirium - you'll mix and match the elements and craft thousands of spells to fight hordes of cult members, the undead, and demons summoned from the abyss on your quest for vengeance. With insane monsters and epic boss battles, your skill as a spellcrafter is what will keep you alive.